About AORA

Professional services jobs are at the high end of the skill ladder, the natural presumption is that these skills are immune from automation.

However, AORA is the first company to make machine-readable law a commercial reality, automating the task of determining a high quality documented legal opinion and transforming access to legal advice in highly regulated areas such as tax, immigration, capital markets.

AORA analyses case facts and systematically applies the relevant legislation, policy, guidance, and case law, producing reports and fully explainable opinions indistinguishable from those produced by human experts.

The Problem

The dependency on humans to determine and opine on legislation or policy is very costly, inefficient and impedes business:


Laws and regulations are becoming progressively more complicated, voluminous, and difficult to navigate. Demand for opinions is increasing due to uncertainty.


The capacity of practitioners (tax, legal, in-house counsel) to provide opinions is limited by expert human time. This is exacerbated by the challenge in recruiting and retaining skilled staff.


Practitioners will have a degree of subjectivity in their analysis, so may reach a different conclusion to their peers or regulators such as HMRC.


Competition is fierce. Digitisation and efficiency changes are occurring in forward-looking legal firms. Pressure is on the “Billable Hour” as fixed price quotes become more common.

At present, an opinion based on law or legal text is normally determined by a specialist, performing a repeatable predictable process in considering applicable law and relevant situational facts.

We think that this current, largely manual way of delivering repetitive and repeatable professional services is ripe for transformational change.

What we do

AORA automates the fact-gathering, the opinion determination and written opinion generation processes. Automation of opinions and decisions accelerates and scales businesses profitably, improves accuracy and reduces costs.

Benefits for practitioners include:


Providing high quality opinions on situations that involve complex laws, policies and regulations.


Benefiting the broader community with a rapid turnaround of opinions at lower cost.


In depth legal knowledge is unaffected when key staff leave and is easily applied by all staff, including new hires.


Reducing practitioner time per case by up to 70%, thus increasing the average fee per hour earned.


Factfinding is thorough and the reasoning is comprehensive. The process is logged from start to finish, and the outcome is fully audited.


Interactive Q&A via a browser web application and the outputs are standard, editable Microsoft Word documents.

What makes us stand apart

AORA’s USP is that it can model legislation, case law and policy of great complexity in any jurisdiction or language.

Other legal automation technologies rely heavily on the expert’s perceptions, AORA models the legislation or regulation directly.

AORA’s proprietary inference engine was developed specifically to handle complex legal and regulatory text and possesses several innovative features not found in production rule systems and open-source alternatives. It is thoroughly tested and commercially proven.

An advanced prose-generation facility creating high quality natural language on-screen or document outputs, with reference to the source material embodied in its knowledge base. The output can be understood/audited quickly by practitioners with no technical expertise. Document templates are very flexible.

Fully featured cloud-based collaborative tool with a polished interface and efficient workflow.

AORA’s rules are written in a style that makes developing, interpreting, and auditing them straightforward.

Meet the Leadership Team

Bruce Mennell

Bruce Mennell

Founder & CEO

Bruce has over 25 years of experience in software design, development and product management, and business development.

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Rob Love

Rob Love

Chief Operating Officer

Previously a software engineer and technology consultant with Accenture, Rob has 20 years of expertise in software product development and launch.

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Richard White

Richard White

Tax Director

Richard was previously a tax partner at Ernst & Young accountants and before that tax partner at KPMG, where he led the real estate tax teams.

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Chris Mennell

Chris Mennell

Chief Technology Officer

Chris has expertise in software architecture, research and development, and product design gained with Legal Technology Research & Outotec.

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