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Citizenship through naturalisation, in common with qualification via ancestry and heritage routes, requires the applicant to satisfy a particular set of clearly-determined criteria. The standard residency period of 5 years (3 if married to a British citizen) is dependent on the claimant being “free of immigration restrictions”, the three designated statuses being: indefinite leave to remain, permanent residence and right of abode. These in turn are strictly defined and demand careful consideration.

In addition, there are limits on absence (generally 90 days per year), with possible discretionary allowances applying, and stipulations regarding knowledge of language and life in the UK, which add complexity, and potential for error, to the procedure. The considerable Home Office processing fee is non-refundable, reinforcing the importance of being exhaustively thorough in the initial appraisal and getting the application right the first time.

The scrupulous integration of all relevant rules into AORA’s naturalisation tool, and the maintenance of their up-to-date accuracy, mean that fast and conclusive evaluation, allowing decisive, strategic advice, is readily available. All client consultations, and submission of forms, can be handled with proficiency and speed that would previously have been unthinkable.

The system ensures all information entered is accurate, consistent and presented correctly. It generates the necessary supporting documentation quickly and efficiently. It prepopulates online forms automatically, all the time confirming that every official requirement is met. The rapid and reliable execution of these tasks represents a substantial saving of time and resources. Not only are these routine exercises taken care of with unfailing precision, but they can also be safely delegated to junior colleagues on a daily basis.

Reports, articulated in a natural and informative prose style, are fully endorsed by detailed explanations and references. Personalised letters of representation, in the appropriate format, comprehensively cover every requisite detail of every submission. Examples of these reports are in our Report Catalogue. In the case of qualification criteria not being met, other potential routes to eligibility are explored, allowing constructive feedback to the claimant. The outcome is that both practitioner and client can navigate the entire process more smoothly and confidently.

The resultant benefits for practitioners are considerable. The risk of error, or of overlooking a feasible route to qualification, is virtually eliminated. The time required for assessing claims and preparing applications is significantly reduced. There is abundant supporting Information for resolving problems. The range of revenue-generating cases that can be considered is broadened. Team collaboration, onboarding and training are greatly enhanced.

AORA’s Immigration platform delivers precise, reliable, auditable draft legal opinions, reports and representations. To learn more about how it can transform YOUR practice, arrange a consultation today.

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