Automated Software for Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility Evaluation & Advice

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AORA’s Skilled Worker Visa software tool is ideal for lawyers and advisers under time pressures and tight margins that want to reduce the tedious work involved in evaluating skilled worker visa eligibility, and want instead more profit and increased capacity.

AORA SWV is a widely-used and friendly SaaS platform which automatically evaluates eligibility for a Skilled Worker Visa and prepares applications in less than 5 minutes instead of the usual 90 mins to 2 hours.

Play with the ‘toggle button’ further below to discover the steps that AORA will automate for you when evaluating applications for Skilled Worker visas.

AORA software empowers lawyers and advisers by automatically drafting documents, completing Home Office and SMS web forms and suggesting strategies. Meanwhile, total transparency and explainability mean Sponsor Officers and Clients have peace of mind that their compliance obligations are exceeded.

AORA's substantial benefits are significant speed increases, improved profitability, and increased capacity for more clients and larger case volumes. AORA ensures accuracy so lawyers and advisers can entrust the entire process to junior colleagues, boosting efficiency and morale throughout your practice. Watch our 3-minute AORA SWV explainer video to learn how it works.

What is AORA SWV’s simple 3-Step Process?

  1. Lawyers and Advisers can give Sponsor Clients access to an interactive web app, in their firm’s branding, to collect data. Alternatively, data capture can be delegated to paralegals.

  2. AORA automatically evaluates requirements and occupation codes, and calculates salaries. Users then receive outcomes, feedback and guidance based on prorated calculations.

  3. Then AORA automatically prepares individual application packs with detailed instructions and prepopulates all Home Office web forms and SMS.

The initial evaluation stage, before the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is applied for, is crucial in working out if the job, salary, location, worker and sponsor characteristics would in combination yield a positive outcome. An acceptable declaration of precise information, particularly the job description, related code and proposed minimum salary, is essential. 

The success or otherwise of the CoS and subsequent Entry Visa or Leave to Remain applications depends, to a large degree, on the combination of values submitted being compliant. An element of discerning judgement, as well as imagination, is required, meaning this process can be time-consuming and demanding for even the most experienced practitioner. For the fees agreed this work might not be profitable.

It’s here, gathering key information accurately, evaluating options, and proposing strategy, that AORA comes into its own. Its structured rules and inherent rigour allow the rapid assessment of all possible scenarios, to find the combination best placed to legitimately satisfy the regulatory criteria.

Related considerations (travel, family, accommodation, school etc.) mean this is usually a fraught and time-constrained period for employers and potential employees alike. An assured indication of the likely success of a particular set of applied credentials is therefore of great value, being instrumental to the issuing of a job offer without wasting time and money.

AORA’s dependable execution of this vital stage in the process is among its key intrinsic virtues. It allows the crucial initial appraisal to be done quickly, using significantly fewer resources and also confidently delegated to junior staff. In fact, in-house HR departments can reliably undertake the data gathering themselves.

If the CoS is granted, the subsequent stages are well managed by AORA, ensuring that submitted data remains consistently accurate. This includes all supporting material and related documentation, with online forms being prepopulated and personalised. Equally, in the case of qualification criteria not being met, other potential routes to eligibility are explored, allowing supportive feedback to the client.

AORA revolutionises the immigration practitioner’s approach. As the entirety of relevant regulation is modelled and kept up to date, authoritative precision is consistently delivered, without draining resources. This means a drastic improvement in the efficiency and speed of providing employee relocation services to corporate clients.

Whilst improving accuracy, the Skilled Worker visa tool facilitates safe and reliable delegation, enabling them to handle applications significantly more quickly and economically than previously. In a notoriously competitive market, this means increased volume, increased margin and increased customer satisfaction.

AORA makes a once time-consuming and notoriously arduous process substantially faster, smoother and less prone to issues and hold-ups. Critically, it liberates practices, empowering more junior staff to undertake much of the casework effectively. The favourable influence on quality, productivity and efficiency is marked, entirely transforming the returns on fixed-fee work.

To discover how AORA can make Skilled Worker visas YOUR most valuable and profitable line of business, contact us today.