Automated Software for UK REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)


UK Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are tax-efficient property investment vehicles. No corporation tax is paid on the profits of a REIT’s UK property rental business. Instead, the tax charge is pushed back to the investors as though they had invested directly in the property themselves. UK REITs, therefore, combine the tax benefits of a direct property investment with the economies of scale that come with investing through a fund.

To qualify, a company must meet several strict technical conditions. AORA’s REIT tool covers all the criteria a company needs to satisfy to enter this desirable regime.

Its speed and efficiency allow practitioners to design REIT structures with ease. Data inputs can be quickly and conveniently changed to produce alternative scenarios for comparison. Potential grey areas and speculative positions are eliminated from the analysis, making the exploration of options and the optimisation of a client’s tax position significantly easier. The resultant effect on the quality of service offered is profound.

AORA’s reports are ready for immediate review and strategic input by users. Their comprehensive footnoting makes them an ideal learning tool for junior staff finding their way around this complex area of law for the first time. The discipline and diligence inherent to these results, alongside the suitability and usability of the documentation generated, mean radical improvements to the entire process of evaluating REIT eligibility.

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