Complex Case Success Letter HMRC

Ellen Hirst
LB North East and Yorkshire
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ

[Practitioner heading]
[Date of dispatch]

Notice letter for Murano REIT to become a UK REIT (snippet)

Dear Ellen,

We are writing on behalf of Murano REIT to give notice under s. 524 Corporation Tax Act 2010 that it wishes to become a UK REIT from 13 August 2022.

Murano REIT will be a group REIT.

We intend for its first REIT accounting period to begin on 13 August 2022 and end on 05 April 2023. We expect that the accounts for Murano REIT will be prepared on [practitioner input date].

We can confirm that Murano REIT meets the following conditions necessary for becoming a REIT:

·         It satisfies Company Condition A because it is a UK company. It is incorporated in England (Incorporation Registration Number 528996) and is not tax resident anywhere outside the UK ... (end of snippet).

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