REIT Feasibility Service for Advisers

Investment scheme

Richard White is a former partner and head of real estate tax at EY and KPMG. He is a well-renowned authority on real estate tax structuring.

Under his supervision, AORA has developed software aimed at professional advisers for determining if a property group and its investors can qualify as a UK REIT under the Corporation Tax Act 2010.

Using bespoke software, AORA can quickly and accurately conduct a REIT feasibility assessment, and provide a report laying out the legal justification in a structured manner, including legislative analysis and graphical ownership charts. If the structure fails to satisfy the eligibility criteria, the report will identify the areas of concern. The property group and investor structure can be assessed as it exists, or as contemplated, with the analysis and charts immediately updated to reflect differing scenarios.

This basic fee for the service is normally £5,000 per group (plus VAT if applicable). The report is available in three working days, provided the information required is supplied as specified.

For more information please email with an outline of the assessment you seek. Any communication will be treated in confidence.