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AORA is unique amongst automation platforms. It does not try to pattern-match a particular case with examples of previous facts or build decision trees mapping one human adviser’s process.

Instead, it turns all relevant legislation, official guidance and case data into computer-readable rules, using generative AI to significantly expedite the process. These rules are kept rigorously up-to-date and accurate. Then, our specially designed cognitive AI tools evaluate the specific information gathered from each case, producing a definitive, explainable determination and a variety of reports.

Taking this approach is demanding - as each field of study requires intense analysis - but rewarding. The discerning “human in the loop” is crucial to this knowledge gathering and machine learning, with AI providing valuable acceleration. AORA’s mature development process and proven track record ensure that its results stand up to the most exacting scrutiny. Indeed, our panel of specialist experts provides ongoing supervisory oversight, maintaining the system’s exceptional reliability.

Automated Opinion Evaluation in Law and Tax: 
"The Right Tool for the Job"

Right Tool for the Job

Another crucial asset particular to AORA is the quality of the reports themselves. Across our products, whatever the discipline, the results come with coherently reasoned, fully-explainable supporting references, articulated in a style entirely consistent with a human professional. In addition, official online forms are prepopulated and personalised.

AORA’s technical superiority has compelling practical implications: the everyday benefits for law and tax professionals are considerable. Talk to us today to arrange your free trial.

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