Automated Software for British Citizenship Advice

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AORA’s cutting-edge automation not only ensures higher accuracy in the assessment and justification of all categories of claims, it enables legal practices to streamline, accelerate, manage and measure the entire procedure. The resultant benefits are varied and compelling. AORA’s Nationality Determiner software is tested, proven and in successful daily use by numerous immigration specialists.

Once AORA is implemented and integrated, the extended positive impact within a legal practice is profound: principally through growing revenue by enabling more claims to be handled, both more efficiently and with a higher success rate; also through allowing less straightforward claims to be taken on with complete confidence by all team members.

Embracing absolutely all applicable provisions, and rigorously updated, AORA leaves no stone unturned in its consistently precise evaluations. Additionally, the automation of document-sourcing and form-filling has a dramatic, consolidating effect on routine productivity. What was previously a tedious chore, with regular frustrations and delays resulting from client and practitioner errors, is now a smooth and methodical process.

For positive reports, a Home Office application pack and letter of representation, ready for review by the practitioner, are automatically generated, and online forms are prepopulated with relevant information. Negative results include constructive feedback, where appropriate, on alternative possible routes to qualification, as part of the standard client care letter. Examples of these reports, including cases taken from HMPO complex caseworker training materials, can be found in our Report Catalogue.

The customer experience is naturally better in several respects. Not surprisingly, there’s enhanced satisfaction at the improved rate of approval and turnaround time of individual applications, increasing referrals. In addition, the liberation of resources that can now be dedicated to client-facing services adds value and opens other potential revenue streams.

AORA’s Immigration Platform is customisable, flexible and user-friendly. It’s backed by comprehensive onboarding, training and support packages. This specialised, fully integrated tool is proven, endorsed and ready to transform legal businesses. To discover how AORA can work for YOU, contact us today to set up a consultation and trial.

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